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The acclimatisation conference

  • The next acclimatisation conference will be held in London in August 2019.
  • A range of workshops will cover the National Curriculum and exam specifications for each subject and accompanying pedagogy.
  • Additional sessions will support teachers with safeguarding, behaviour management and the wider role of being a teacher in England.
  • In most schools, the term starts on Monday 2nd September 2019.


What might you expect at interview?

  • The interview process is your opportunity to shine!
  • There are differences between the expectations of teachers in different countries, but most will be centred around the 2012 Teachers’ Standards (see below).
  • There may be scenario-type questions “What would you do if…”
  • Additionally, most teachers are expected to teach during the selection process and you may be asked to provide a video of one of your lessons.
  • There may be aspects of the role which will be new to you (being a form tutor, for example) which you can assure employing schools will be covered during the acclimatisation conference.
  • And don’t forget to mention if you are a baseball coach, student counsellor or a musician and how you can contribute to the wider ethos of the school.

If you want to talk further about the nature of school interviews, please contact YorkshireInclusiveTSA@eastsilc.org to schedule a phone call.


Teachers' Standards; GCSE Physics; GCSE Mathematics