Yorkshire Inclusive Teaching School Alliance

School to School Support

​Provide support for other schools
School-to-school support can lead to significant improvements in pupil outcmes as demonstated by the work of outstanding Headteachers designated as National Leads of Education (NLEs) or Local Leaders of Education (LLEs).  They are now supported by outstanding middle and senior leaders who have been designated as Specailast Leaders of Education (SLEs).
NLEs, LLEs, SLEs are curently deployed throughout a number of Leeds schools in a variety of roles.  These include supporting those in Ofsted categories or which are underperforming, acting as mentors or coaches to Headteachers and other school leaders new to post, as well as leading training across a range of topic areas.  As a local authority Leeds has embraced the concept of Teaching Schools; we enjoy a very successful partnership with them both in and around Leeds.  A direct result of this partnership has been the development of a more pro-active model of support for schools that have self identified areas of concern.