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Accelerate, a transformational programme from Education Development Trust and the Chartered College of Teaching, provides Early Career Teachers (ECTs) with the tools to succeed:

•evidence-informed content delivered though engaging blended learning
•expert guidance through specialist instructional coaching
•peer-to-peer support through communities of practice (CoPs) 
regional delivery with input for participants' school leaders and existing in-school mentors recognises local context and increases capacity for sustained change.


Accelerate will therefore embed improvements in ECT teaching quality, retention, and pupil attainment.
High-quality teaching makes the greatest difference to disadvantaged pupils' attainment1. To reach this standard, ECTs need sustained, expert support. However, schools in challenging circumstances may have limited capacity to provide this, so teachers in these schools may not fulfil their potential.
•Teachers’ learning curves are at their steepest in the early years of their careers – and this is where Accelerate’s specialist support can help.
•Developed with expert teachers and teacher educators, Accelerate provides ECTs with the essential specialist support they need to rapidly improve their practice to improve outcomes for learners.
•Built around professional development models2 that are the most effective in improving teacher practice and student outcomes, Accelerate incorporates expert instructional coaching, deliberate practice, and high-quality, evidence-informed content delivered through a flexible, blended model.


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