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CPD Progression Map
CPD - Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development

All the Alliance schools have well developed CPD opportunities for their staff.  The role of the Teaching School is to broker the sharing of best practice and to provide a forum in which future needs and opportunities can be discussed, our CPD coordinators meet regularly.  Curently we are working together to offer the Alliance wide CPD opportunities in Teaching and Learning through the improving and Outstanding Teacher Programme.  

CPD Courses in Teaching and Learning
Developing Teaching Programme (DTP)
Delivered in a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment, the course will develop knowledge, understanding and confidence to deliver consistently high quality lessons across the curriculum.​
The programme provides opportunities for practitioners to build on their experience in the classroom.  Participants further develop their teaching through consideration of key teaching concepts, facilitated discussions, self-reflection, observation of colleagues and guided mentoring.
The programme will enable participants to
  • Understand the key concepts of good teaching practice
  • Understand the effect of developing these concepts on teaching and learning
  • Provide consistency within teaching practice
  • Assess their own teaching practice through self-reflection, audit, disucssions, mentoring and lesson observations.
It consists of five full days over a five week period.
The content will cover the following:
  • Challenge and Engagement
  • Effective Questioning
  • Differentiation
  • Assessment and Progress
Participants will need to be supported by a mentor from their school who should have expertise in teaching and learning.  They will guide and monitor the progress of participants throughout the programme.    They will be required to attend a pre-course mentoring session, and the first and last sessions of the programme.
The programme is targeted at those aiming to secure teaching good lessons consistently.    There are places for 15 participants on each course.  The cost is £550 per participant.

The Excellent Teaching Programme (ETP)

This programme gives good (and outstanding) teachers a set of high level skills and strategies that enable them to consistently deliver outstanding lessons.  It helps them to demonstrate higher level understanding of teaching and improve learning for their pupils, coach colleagues in their own school to raise performance levels as well as create a proactive school culture which the quality of teaching and learning is observed, discussed, challenged and enhanced.  Practice is improved through facilitated practice activities as well as through introducing and consolidating new knowledge and skills.  The programme consists of two full days and eight half days facilitated sessions over a 10 week period.    Potential participants need to have at least three years teaching experience of value added data showing student progress and improving exam results, together with some external recognition (eg Threshold or OFSTED grades) that indicate that they have the ability to become outstanding teachers.  There are places for 15 teachers in each cohort.  The cost is £615 per participant. 

The Outstanding Learning Assistant Programme

This programme is aimed at supporting the progression of Learning Assistants from "Good" to "Outstanding".  It will consist of a number of face to face days.  Participants will have the opportunity to observe and reflect on outstanding practice in a variety of settings, be introduced to the topic of coaching and receive input from lead practitioners on a wide range of topics pertinent to the role.   Those who complete the course will be in a very strong position to further support SEND provision within their school.  There are places for 15 Learning Assistants in each cohort.  the cost is £150 per participant.

If you would like to attend, please book a place by emailing tsadmin@eastsilc.org confirming you would like to attend, let us know as soon as you can so we can make sure we can cater for every attendee.  
Teaching School Cancellation Policy

Teaching School: Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend an event the following charges will apply:

Notice Period

% Charge

Within 14 days prior to the event


Within 7 days prior to the event


If cancelled on the day or no show


Cancellation more than 14 days prior to the event will be refundable. If you are able to send another colleague in your place, we will transfer the booking to a colleague with no administration charge.