Yorkshire Inclusive Teaching School Alliance


Progression from school to adulthood in SEN

Young people in Special Schools have an element of protection while in school that is not necessarily available in the community or workforce. This means that the transition from school to adult life and employment can be particularly challenging. This bilateral partnership brings together John Jamieson School and Fundacio Merce Pla, Spain to share practice in identifying and overcoming the stumbling blocks that young people face in making the transition from the school to adulthood. It will look at how to develop emotional resilience to manage change, new experiences and the expectations of others, it will explore different approaches in the two contexts of the UK and Spain. The project will look at the role of the curriculumin preparing for adulthood, work placements and social opportunities, and information, advice andguidance. The target groups will be the 14-19 age range with a specific focus on Post 16. Through the two study visits, the two partners will explore the following key questions:

• What does a careers curriculum look like in each of the schools and is it mapped in other areas of the curriculum?

• Is this information, advice and guidance of learning a key focus in schools? Is it embedded in the curriculum and how is it delivered?

• What is the relationship like between the school system and the community/world of work? Is it inclusive? What does opportunity look like?

• What are the expectations and aspirations of learners post school?

• What are the destinations for young people with SEN post 16/19?

• What does a focused programme of Transition to Adult Life include? How is it delivered and what is its impact?